Why choose
Integrity Roofing Solutions?


We offer up to 25-year warranty on our roofing products. Conklin products have been tested and proven over 40 years. We use the best products on the market so you can have peace of mind knowing your roof will be done right.


If you have a building, we have the product. Whether you need metal restoration, membrane repair, fabric reinforcement, or you have something a little different, we have the right solution for you.


Our team has over 25 years of in-the-field experience with commercial roofs. We know what to look for when it comes to making sure you get exactly what's right for you.

Integrity Roofing Solutions LLC is a fully licensed and insured commercial roofing company. We comply with all local construction and repair guidelines and permit requirements. Have more questions? Go ahead and send us an email or call into our office. We will be happy to help.

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Our Services

Integrity Roofing Solutions provides product for a vast array of roofing needs. Have a small leak and just need a patch? We have that!

Did a hail storm rip a seam in your membrane? We fix that!

Big or small, we do it all. With Integrity Roofing Solutions, you'll get the best quality every time.


Roof Sealing

We give your roof a multi-layer seal to ensure moisture will never penetrate the surface.

Water Proofing

Every seam is primed, every screw is covered. Quality is in the details. And details make the roof quality.

Roof Repair

We pride ourselves in giving you the right solution. That's why we highly recommend not just fixing a problem, but also making the fix last. We install UV protection to keep harmful rays from deteriorating your roof. We want long term solutions for you.


We Only Use
World Class Roofing Products

The roofing industry is becoming increasingly dynamic. Manufacturers are in high demand. With Integrity Roofing Solutions, we never skimp by with lack luster products, but will always give you the long lasting, award winning, solution.


About Us

Integrity Roofing Solutions was formed from the industry's need for quality laborers, top quality products with long term relationships as our goal.

From our own experiences, we recognize that consumers are being bargained over contractors that skimp on quality to make an extra dollar. Not us! We are the last roofing company you'll need.

A character of integrity and revolutionary quality, we make it our ambition to be the only roofer you will want to have working in your building.


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Nationwide Roofing Services

Integrity Roofing Solutions is a nationwide installer. Our team services roofs through the entirety of the United States.

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